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Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc.

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Member Training Hosting Procedures

Reducing the Cost of Member Training

Much of the cost of member training is dedicated to paying for the facilities used to deliver the training. Using CALA-member training facilities can reduce the cost to members.

Do you have such a facility?

Technical training is delivered to a maximum of 20 participants and non-technical training is delivered to a maximum of 40 participants. If you have a training facility that can be used to deliver either of these types of training sessions for CALA-sponsored training, then we want to hear from you!!! Please contact the CALA Training Program at CALA and let us know if you wish to host any CALA -sponsored training.

What are the benefits to the hosting organization?

If members have a facility available, and it is used to deliver CALA -sponsored training, the member gains:

What does this cost the hosting member?

If members elect to host a training session, CALA will ask that they provide the following:

Are there any limitations?

CALA arranges member-specific training at a member site with the understanding that the training facilitator does not participate in any assessment activities involving the member laboratory for at least two years, in accordance with Q14 - CALA Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Code.

Options available for Hosting organizations

 The following options are available for hosting organizations:

Request for Quote

If you are interested in hosting a course in your area contact:

Cathy Wylie
Training Manager