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Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc.

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Proposed Parameter Names


In an attempt to standardize parameter names used in CAEAL Programs, specifically nomenclature used on environmental Scopes of Testing, we have compiled a list of parameters and corresponding alternates. Once finalized, the list will be used as a reference point when entering Scopes of Testing into the CAEAL database. For example:

A laboratory completes a Scope of Testing template from our Application Form and requests accreditation for "Hexamethylene" in the Alkanes group. From the list, "Hexamethylene" is listed as an alternate for "Cyclohexane" and therefore CAEAL would enter "Cyclohexane" as the parameter.
Our Goal

Our goal is to achieve a consistent naming convention across all Scopes of Testing for all environmental laboratories in the CALA Accreditation program.

Your Input

CAEAL members are asked to review this list and provide feedback. Please contact Ken Middlebrook, Proficiency Testing Manager, with any comments.

A Primer

The following is a description of the columns found on the list:


Column Description
Class the general chemical group of the parameter
Sort an internal sort #


Chemical Abstract Number (if applicable) (see Chemical Abstract Service)


parameter name that will be used on Scope of Testing


synonym or alternate of the parameter found in the "Name" column