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Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc.

Building Laboratory Excellence

Program Description (and Fee Schedule) and Application Forms

Downloads are in Adobe (.pdf) format, unless otherwise noted.

Q05 - CALA Code of Ethics
A06 – CALA Accreditation Program, Policies and Procedures

Program/Service Description and Fees Application Forms Tools
Accreditation Program For Testing Laboratories

P02 Series of Documents
   01-Program Description
   02-Fee Schedule
   03-PT Requirements
   04-PT Catalogue
   05-Approved PT Providers

P04 Series of Documents
   01-Terms and Conditions
   02-Proficiency Testing
   03-New Accreditation
   04-Accreditation Renewal
   05-Abbreviated Assessment
   06-Transfer of Accreditation   
   07-PT for Drinking Water Treatment

A132 - Scope Extension Request

A136 - Matrix and Sub-Matrix Guide

P04- Annex1: Scope of Testing Template in Word format

Scope of Testing Template - Analyte Spreadsheet in Excel Format

Proficiency Testing Program For Testing Laboratories  
Training For Laboratory Staff and Other Professionals

Course Descriptions (.html)

P02-06-Fee Schedule


Requesting Changes to Scope of Testing or PT Registration

Type of Change   Scope Changes PT Changes
Deletions or method changes log in to the CALA Directory of Laboratories using the following information:
user name: CALA membership number
password: provided by CALA
  1. print “Scope” from the Accreditation Directory column
  2. edit the proposed scope of testing
  1. choose “Reg. Tests” from the PT Directory column
  2. cross off any unwanted analyte or change method 2
  3. confirm number of samples to be shipped
Additions   Download P04-05 – CALA Application for Abbreviated Assessment and complete Annex 1 for each new appendix1 Download P04-02 – CALA Application for Proficiency Testing and complete section 4.0
  Fax (613-233-5501) or email Colleen Cotter, CALA Assessments Manager Ken Middlebrook, CALA PT Manager


  1. If requesting the addition of an analyte, submit required documents as outlined in A06 – CALA Accreditation Program, Policies and Procedures and P02-03-PT Requirements for Accreditation.
  2. Please note that method changes can only be made where the method is being clarified but the process remains the same.  If the method is changing completely (i.e., GC/MS to IC) then the analyte must be removed and a new one added.