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CALA Membership Information

Membership in the CALA (Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation) is open to individuals, user groups, institutions, consultants, industrial organizations, regulatory agencies, laboratory equipment suppliers, and others interested in the work being carried out in environmental analytical laboratories.

Members can attend symposia, meetings and training courses arranged by CALA and receive publications.

The CALA Bylaw states that all members will be bound by the CALA Code of Ethics.

Annual Membership Fees*



May be held by a corporation, a department or ministry of the federal or provincial government, a municipality, a university, or any other recognized organization. A corporation includes its wholly and majority owned subsidiaries. A Crown corporation or independent government agency is deemed to be a corporation.



May be held by any person.

* Fees are: approved by the CALA Board of Directors; subject to change without notice; and published in P02-02 – CALA Program Description – Fee Schedule (.pdf). In case of discrepancy between this page and P02-02, the latter shall prevail.

** Only Institutional members in good standing qualify for reduced member rates for Proficiency Testing and Training programs.

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