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Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc.

Building Laboratory Excellence


The CALA PT Corrective Action Report (CAR) Form is in Microsoft Word 6.0 format (.doc) and uses the Word's built-in form capabilities.

Instructions for Completing CALA PT CAR Form
  1. Print these instructions.
  2. Download CALA PT CAR Form.
  3. Open with Microsoft Word application (Word is not a free application).
  4. Type in the following information as found in the top left corner of the CAR forms mailed to you recently.
    • Membership No.
    • Laboratory Name
    • Contact
    • Telephone No.
    • Email
  5. If only have 1 CAR form, proceed to step 9.
  6. Before proceeding any further, choose Save As... from the File menu
  7. Save the file to a location on your computer's harddrive where you will be able to find it again.
  8. Name the file "CALA-CAR-template.doc"
  9. Fill out the following fields:
    • Matrix: choose from the drop down menu (i.e. Water (Inorganic))
    • Test Group: choose from the drop down menu (if you are completing a CAR for any C-01 or C-04 group, be sure to choose a subgroup identifier from the adjacent drop down box),
    • Parameter: type in the parameter name (we have too many parameters to provide a dropdown menu)
    • Appendix: (if applicable) type in the appendix number from your CALA Scope of Testing
    • Section A: be sure to have a lab representative sign off the printed copy. You can enter the Date on this form.
    • Section B: You can type in the Plan Completed By: and Date field. Be sure to have a lab representative sign off the printed copy.
  10. Choose Save As... from the File menu
  11. Name the file "CAR-XXXX-ppp.doc", where "XXXX" is your 4 digit CALA membership number and "ppp" is an abbreviation you assign to the parameter. For example, "CAR-9999-Cad.doc" would be for CALA lab 9999 and for parameter Cadmium.
  12. Print the PT CAR Form.
  13. Sign in appropriate fields.
  14. For each CAR form you want to fill in electronically, open "CALA-CAR-template.doc" and repeat steps 9-13.