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Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc.

Building Laboratory Excellence


CALA has a number of Awards available to be received by various individuals. THE CALA AGM awards consist of the Don LaBerge Award and the Serge Villard Award, awarded annually at the CALA AGM. Additionally, on an annual basis, two individuals may be awarded the John Lawrence Student Scholarship Award.


The CALA AGM is also an opportunity to recognize extraordinary individual efforts with the presentation of two service awards. The Don LaBerge Award and Serge Villard Award recognize outstanding efforts, achievements and contributions of individuals in the service of CALA.

  Don LaBerge Award 

Don LaBerge Award

This award in honour of Don Laberge was established in 2006 to recognize lifetime achievement in the service of CALA. Don helped steer the direction of CAEAL/CALA right from the start; he was one of the three signatories on the application to incorporate CAEAL/CALA in 1989 and served on the Board of Directors and also as CALA President. The Canadian laboratory community lost a great leader, mentor, and friend when he passed away in 2005. He will always be remembered for his integrity, technical ability, and sense of humour. It was a privilege to have had Mrs. Glenna Laberge present the first award at the CAEAL/CALA 2006 Annual General Meeting in Toronto on May 15, 2006.


* Please click on the highlighted year to view details about the recipient.
    2006 John Lawrence   2013 No Recipient
    2007 Dr. Michael Booth   2014 Debbie Masson-Stogran
    2008 James Downie   2015 Linda Neimor
    2009 Richard Turle   2016 No Recipient
    2010 Dr. Rick Wilson   2017 Michaeal Brodsky
    2011 Environment Canada   2018 No Recipient
    2012 Wo Yuen      

  Serge Villard Award

Each year at the CALA Annual General Meeting, the Serge Villard Award (originally known as the CAEAL Recognition Award) is presented to one of the volunteer assessors who has made a special contribution to CALA. Frequently these individuals have conducted numerous assessments of laboratories participating in the CALA program and they may have also been members of the CALA Advisory Panel that reviews responses from laboratories and makes accreditation recommendations. Regardless of how an individual has earned it, the Award is recognition that CALA members acknowledge and appreciate the personal contribution that has been made to the Association.

Serge Villard Award

Serge Villard was one of the three originating directors for the Association. He signed the application for incorporation along with John Lawrence and Don LaBerge on May 30, 1989, and he served in various roles on the Board until 1999.

CALA is very proud of its association with Serge Villard and with all of the individuals who have been recipients of the CAEAL/CALA Recognition Award and the Serge Villard Award.



* Please click on the highlighted year to view details about the recipient.

1996 Larry Prokopanko   2008 Roberto Barrotavena
1997 Wo Yuen   2009 Wesley Johnson
1998 Michael Booth   2010 Michael Brodsky
1999 Cathy Doehler   2011 Diane Wingett
2000 Pamela Vircik   2012 Cynthia Young
2001 Renu Joshi   2013 Harold Malle
2002 James Doull   2014 Paula Jackman
2003 Rosa Gonzalez   2015 Carolyn Eaton
2004 Dave Wong   2016 Yvonne Stokker
2005 Harold Schwartz   2017 Ray McCurdy
2006 Linda Neimor   2018 Walter Lipinsky
2007 Robert Lessard      

CALA John Lawrence Student Scholarship Awards (Formerly the Scholarship For Quality Excellence Award) 

The CALA Board of Directors has made some significant changes to the awards process dealing with Scholarships for Quality Excellence. There has been an increase in the number of themes that form the potential content for student submissions. An enhancement of the application form now provides the detailed evaluation criteria used to score the submissions, including a change requiring a minimum score to qualify for an award. A major change has also been made in the award deadlines (as outlined below) resulting in awards being presented annually in September rather than November, thereby putting scholarships in the hands of deserving students at the beginning of their fall semesters.

The John Lawrence Student Scholarships are awarded up to two (2) students annually:

The awards recognize the applicant's understanding and use of any of the following themes:

  1. The Importance of Data Quality.
  2. The Value Of Accreditation.
  3. Quality Assurance & Quality Control In Testing Measurements & Experimentation.

Applicants are required to submit a scientific paper to demonstrate their understanding of one of the themes. The CALA Scholarship Review Committee, using the criteria outlined on the scholarship application form (below) will evaluate all papers submitted by the deadline.

To be considered for the award, students must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in a post secondary institution (science discipline) at the time of the award.
  • Have completed a minimum 2-month work term with a CALA Member Laboratory within the past 12 months.
  • Submit a completed CALA Application Form and their paper to CALA for evaluation by no later than August 16, 2019.

Scholarship recipients will receive the following:

  • One-time amount of $1,000 presented to the winner by a local Board Member or Head of the Member Laboratory;
  • Acknowledgement (with photo) in both the CALA newsletter and website; and
  • Recipient’s name entered on a master plaque containing the names of annual recipients (The plaque is kept at the CALA head office in Ottawa).

Previous winners of a CALA Scholarship are ineligible to apply. Any questions regarding CALA and these scholarships should be directed to

Download the pdf application form.

Previous Award Winners

* Please click on the highlighted year to view details about the previous award winners.

2017 Ivy Luu   Vanessa Yang
2016 Grace Park   Jamie Frampton
2015 Sydney Heatherington   David Moon
2014 Joyce Chan   Marcus Hammoud
2013 Kayla O'Link   no 2nd winner
2012 Maiju Saarinen   Georgina Rainsford
2011 Margot Couse   Megan Bauer
2010 Alexandra Coros   Tanya Binkley
2009 no winner in 2009   Norma J. Ruecker
2008 Michelle Mansfield   Samantha Frasz
2007 Jordana Van Geest   Chad Novotny