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Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc.

Building Laboratory Excellence

2002 MDL Survey

CAEAL continually improves its program delivery by responding to suggestions from member labs. One such suggestion was to update CAEAL PT concentration ranges to values more comparable with routine client samples. The CAEAL Program Committee reviewed the current PT offerings in the light of a survey recently sent to the CAEAL membership asking about Method Detection Limits (MDL's), significant digits typically reported to clients and typical concentration ranges of client samples.

Survey results are summarized in the following three graphical reports showing member responses. Note that the X-axis often uses a logarithmic scale to highlight wide concentration ranges.

As a result of these reports, we decided to modify the concentration ranges of several parameters, for example:

We are happy to provide these survey reports for the information of CAEAL members. We thank all member laboratories that responded to this survey.


Debbie Macey,
CAEAL Proficiency Testing Manager