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Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc.

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CALA Drinking Water Treatment Proficiency Testing (PT) Program

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Drinking Water Safety

Canada’s drinking water is amongst the safest in the world. However, the high number of drinking water advisories cast doubt on water safety, operator competence and authority decision-making.  These advisories are preventable!  How? Quality assurance testing is one way.

Decrease Drinking Water Advisories

Most advisories are the result of inadequate disinfection (i.e., chlorination) or high turbidity levels. Both of these could result in the presence of disease causing organisms in the drinking water.

Decrease Doubt

Drinking water advisories cast doubt on the safety of the drinking water, the competence of operators of treatment systems, and the quality of government decision-making.

Increase Prevention

Frequent and reliable monitoring of chlorine and turbidity in the treated water and distribution system is the best way to reduce the number of advisories and minimize their duration when they occur.

Decrease Risk

Poorly maintained and poorly operated testing equipment significantly increases the risk to the public because potential problems are not identified. As present, there is little regulatory guidance on assuring the reliability of the monitoring tests being performed.


Proficiency testing (PT) is a tool that has been proven to improve the reliability of analytical tests such as those used in monitoring the safety of drinking water. In addition to identifying testing problems before they become drinking water problems, proficiency testing also increases confidence in the treatment operation, improves staff moral and demonstrates due diligence.

CALA Drinking Water Treatment Proficiency Testing (PT) Program

CALA is an accredited Proficiency Testing Provider and has operated a PT program for testing laboratories since 1991. CALA has developed a new PT program specifically designed for chlorine, turbidity and pH tests performed using test-kits by drinking water treatment operators.

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