July 2018

Dear CALA Community,

It's been a busy few months here at CALA and there are many things I'm excited to share with you.  To begin with, we have had a couple of 'firsts' for CALA.  Congratulations to ALS Thunder Bay on being CALA's first accredited lab to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard.  Another first is CALA's first accreditation of a cannabis testing lab, Supra THC of Kelowna, BC.  You can read more about both these stories in the CALA 'Firsts' link.  Included in that article, I've taken the opportunity to bring you up to date on the state of cannabis testing in Canada which many of us in the lab community are watching with interest.  Congratulations to ALS, Supra THC and all those involved in the process!  

Another item of interest in this newsletter is an overview of the Federal Government's regulatory proposal to ban asbestos (Prohibition of Asbestos and Asbestos Products Regulations).  These regulations will impact laboratories that use or test for asbestos so please refer to this article for more information.  

On another note, Colleen Cotter, Accreditation Manager, and myself just returned from an APLAC (Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) meeting earlier this month.  This was a significant meeting as it was the last for APLAC under that name and organisational structure.  While it has been in the works for a few years, this was the meeting when delegates voted on the merger of APLAC with PAC (Pacific Accreditation Cooperation) to form a new regional accreditation body APAC.  This follows a trend in other parts of the world that has resulted in the merger of organisations focussed on laboratory accreditation with other accreditation organisations.

And finally some news to share about one of our staff here at CALA.  It is with mixed emotions that I announce the departure of Brenda Dashney.  Brenda has been our CFO for the past 8 years.  She has played a significant role here at CALA and was a key resource for me when I arrived just over a year ago.  Her tireless work, positive attitude and sense of humour will be missed by all of us.  We all wish her the best and know she will be successful in her future endeavours.  

Enjoy the rest of this newsletter, and as always, we welcome your comments and feedback.


Andrew Adams

President & CEO