July 2018

Congratulations to ALS Thunder Bay

ALS Thunder Bay is the first laboratory CALA has accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for specific tests as listed on their CALA scope of accreditation.    

A great deal of work occurred on both sides of the table!  While ALS had to update their system to ISO/IEC 17025:2017, CALA staff and volunteer assessors had a great deal of work in the background to deliver the assessment (e.g., updating checklists, training, etc.).    “The folks at CALA were exceptional to work with and it was a milestone for both of us to be working towards the recently published ISO/IEC 17025 standard”, said Brenda Boudreau, Analytical Supervisor and Quality Systems Coordinator with ALS .  “ALS Thunder Bay's CALA reassessment to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 was a positive experience.  The process was good, and focused on implementation of important processes.”  

Congratulations ALS!


We have some exciting 'firsts' to share with our members and subscribers!

Congratulations to Supra THC Services

CALA is excited to accredit its first cannabis lab, Supra THC.  Supra THC was formed as a spin-off from Supra Research and Development to offer research, analytical and development services to the cannabis industry.  In June of this year, Supra THC achieved its accreditation to perform specific tests on cannabis as part of its scope.  

“This is an exciting milestone for CALA”, says Andrew Adams, CALA's President and CEO.  “Both Supra THC and CALA are strongly aligned in their belief of the critical importance of 3rd party testing of cannabis for recreational use.”  Currently there are no regulations in place for the testing of recreational marijuana, and although many Licensed Producers (LPs) in the recreational marijuana industry follow Health Canada's guidelines for medicinal testing, this is voluntary.  “Should testing become mandated, only a handful of approved LPs are able to provide this service.  Supra is positioning itself in a leadership position and ensuing success as the Canadian market watches the evolution of the recreational marijuana industry”, says Adams.     

Supra THC's CEO, Rob O'Brien supports this observation.  “We are pushing hard to have Health Canada require all licensed Cannabis testing labs to have ISO/IEC: 17025 accreditation or something similar to show that these laboratories are operating under appropriate quality control criteria”.  Andrew Adams agrees.  “It really is the only way of assuring the consuming public that they are getting what they think they are getting, instead of making faith-based assumptions”.


SupraTHC Services