July 2018


The staff at CALA would like to extend their congratulations to all the award winners celebrated at this year's Biennial.  The event took place in April at the Toronto Holiday Inn Airport.

CALA Recognizes Volunteer Assessors with Service Awards

CALA has over 150 volunteer assessors.  Every Biennial is the opportunity for CALA to acknowledge the work they do and recognize them with a service pin for their years of service.   At the CALA Biennial this past April, we recognized the following:

Dave Schellenberg congratulates Accreditation Council Chair, Richard Turle on 15 years of volunteer service.  

Andrew Adams congratulates Dr. Adrian Demayo on 15 years of service on the CALA Accreditation Council.

Dave Schellenberg presents the 2018 Serge Villard Award to Walter Lipinsky, a long-time CALA assessor.  

On behalf of CALA, thank you to the assesors and their employers for their support!

Outgoing Director Jane Kaczmer receives a gift of appreciation from Dave Schellenberg.

20 Years

Mr. James Downie

Mr. David Wong

Ms. Paula Jackman

Ms. Lauretta Liem

Ms. Linda Neimor

Ms. Cynthia Young

25 Years

Dr. Ewa Dabek-Zlotorzynska

Mr. Don J. MacGregor

Dr. Harold Schwartz

Mr. Dallas Takeuchi

Ms. Pam Thomas

Dr. Wo Yuen

15 Years

Dr. John Fenwick

Ms. Cassandra D. Lofranco

Mr. Harold V. Malle

Mr. Raymond T. Chong

Mr. Blair Easton

Mr. David Fleming

Mr. Shane Harnish

Ms. Monica H. Klawunn

Ms. Anna Moudrakovskaia

Ms. Maureen Leaver

Mr. Julius Fulop

Dr. Edgar F. Paski

Mr. Raymond McCurdy

Ms. Mara Elizabeth Wong Nonato

Dr. Angelo R. Fernando

Ms. Nevena Popovic

Mrs. Susana Munarriz

Ms. Heather Westwood

Dr. Igor Volochtchik

10 Years

Mrs. Christiana Fixon-Owoo

Dr. Weihong Lin

Mr. Michael Ziebell

Mrs. Heather McGregor

Mr. Darcy Petkau

Dr. Rajendra Kothavade

Mr. Wayne Greenlay

5 Years

Ms. Ewa Przybylo-Komar

Ms. Nishma Karim

Mr. Fred Butterworth

Mr. Eric Marceau

Ms. Shelagh McDonagh

Ms. Michelle Weeks

Mrs. Candas Martin

Dr. Eric Reiner

Mr. Craig Winterfield

Mr. Syed Rizvi

Mr. James Clark

Ms. Halka Klement

Ms. Lori McLeod

Ms. Teresa A. Gobran