January 2018

Updates - Association Management System (AMS)

You may be aware that CALA has been upgrading the Association Management System (AMS) to allow CALA clients to access their own data and other service and program information through a web-based utility.  Following are some project milestones reached since the October 2017 newsletter:

     •  At the end of November, the Corporate Renaissance Group Inc. (CRG) demonstrated their understanding of CALA's Accreditation requirements by delivering a Solution Design Document detailing the proposed underlying database structure, as well as preliminary, high-level application prototypes.  Development of the Accreditation Scope Management module has begun and will be demonstrated to CALA in February.

     •  Work also began on upgrading the Membership and Proficiency Testing modules to a cloud-based environment (hosted in Canada). This work is nearly complete and CALA will be testing this new environment throughout January.

     •  Also, a reminder that CALA has prepared a series of four, 5 minute videos demonstrating the Membership and Proficiency Testing functionality.  

We encourage you to review these videos and share your feedback with Andrew Morris at amorris@cala.ca.